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Tangancícuaro, Michoacán is one of the smallest Purépecha communities in the Michoacán territory, it is one of the Michoacán magic towns that still has the Purépecha as its official language, and where you can see the past and present of this race. This site is an indispensable destination for experts in the art of pottery. in this town of Michoacán glazed pottery of various types are made: green, red, yellow, without color and a cappella, and so on. The pottery of this collectivity has won several prizes of pottery at the national, state and international levels, and is highly valued by the connoisseurs of fine art. Due to its size and beauty, the huge pineapples of cracked pots stand out glazed, which sometimes exceed two meters in height, totaling more than 320 designs. Considering that culminating a work of these characteristics implies several months of strenuous work. Michoacán glazed pottery is a craft that is in great demand, Patamban pottery is made by popular artists who are organized in family workshops. Glazed porcelain is a sample of creativity and artistic sensitivity of the Patagonian, who brings new designs and forms as the well-known towers with casseroles, where one puts inside another, to which they hang pots and pans, like jugs, platters and the famous pineapples. The craftsman uses dark green, light green, white and burnished red colors, with black, red and white decorations in which the traditional iconography based on fish and flora of the area stands out. Some people point out that the famous glazed pineapples are a cultural contribution of this town to the world.

In the town of Patamban the Purépecha artists created the famous pineapples some natural and others glazed in colors that are now the reflection of a craft tradition that has lasted for decades and are considered one of the finest pieces of traditional Mexican pottery.