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If we analyze the history of Mexican furniture we should go back to the ancient Egyptians, who, at that time, used some elements of their furniture, such as tables and chairs, whose arms, backs and legs were carved animal figures for decoration. In addition, these decoration elements were buried with their owners as offerings.

If we go to the present, we can see that the buyer of Mexican furniture demands characteristics and elements of great quality for its construction and final finishing. The Mexican furniture is made of 100% solid wood and gives it a warmth that other types of furniture do not.

The furniture industry in Mexico is based on ancient traditions of artisans.

In Mexico, the designs, treatments of materials and the wide variety of woods were complemented by the different rustic styles of very defined rural connotations, as well as with a traditional work of carpentry, special finishes and aging based on waxes and varnishes, which create a component appreciated with a rustic look. This type of furniture has become very popular and there is a great demand for them today.

The Mexican style furniture is the ideal to give warmth and elegance, both for its characteristics, durability, design and maintenance.

These pieces can be handed down from generation to generation.