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Everything that has to do with Mexico is fascinating, especially related to its art. Most of the things we find in Mexican crafts perfectly combine religious, passion and color. It is a matter of understanding a little the history of the different crafts that exist in this country to better appreciate its meaning.

These beautiful painted tin or brass hearts are an example of Mexican traditions. They are also known as “miracles”, and their history goes beyond an ornamental object.

They date from the times of the Conquest, when hearts of gold, lead and precious stones were made to be offered to the Virgin. Thus, they assured the miracles for which they prayed.

There is no doubt that more than one of you has asked the Virgin for a little help with an impossible love. But what we are sure of is that these hearts represent our devotion and strength.

Besides the hearts, the brass figures are diverse, but their essence as amulets is kept alive.

The work is laborious: once the brass is cut it is shaped and embossed and finally the lacquer and an enamel are applied to get those beautiful colors.