Chéel Design Artesanías Méxicanas is an online store featuring 100% Mexican products created by artisans from different regions of Mexico. The objects are made by hand in this country and include ceramics, murals, vessels, furniture, textiles and much more. These items are a valuable part of the national identity of Mexico, and each piece tells a story based on the beliefs of the region or the history of the craftsman. That’s why our products are carefully selected to offer authentic handcrafted furniture and accessories for home decoration.

When you buy our products, you are not only helping a small business, you are also helping the artisans who make each piece with a lot of love to let you know more about our Mexican roots that are undoubtedly a beautiful form of cultural expression.


My name is Getse Noel, I am originally from Guadalajara, Mexico where I studied interior design. Fate brought me to San Diego California in 2015. Three years later, without a clear plan and only a dream and a love for my Mexican culture, I created Chéel which has Mayan origin and means rainbow. With the help of my parents and husband, this dream is now a reality.

With Mexico in my heart!